Application Process

The KPSA/CSUF School of Nursing online application is available until July 31 in the CRNA Prospective Student Portal to those who have completed STEP 1 below and meet the minimum admission requirements.

STEP 1: Complete the Prospective Student Profile

The first step to the application process is to create a prospective student profile on the School of Nursing website. To create your account or log in to your previously created account, visit our CRNA Prospective Student Portal.

The profile will require prospective students to complete/provide the following:

  • Education history
  • Clinical experience
  • Unofficial transcripts from all institutions attended
  • Current CCRN certification with the expiration date clearly stated

KPSA will review your profile and contact you via email to let you know your status. If you meet the minimum admission requirements, you will be able to begin the preliminary online application through the CRNA Prospective Student Portal. If you do not meet the minimum admission requirements, you will receive an email letting you know which requirement(s) you do not meet so that you may work to meet those for a future admission cycle.

STEP 2: Submit the Online Application through the CRNA Prospective Student Portal

The KPSA/CSUF School of Nursing online application will be available through the CRNA Prospective Student Portal until July 31. If you meet all the admission criteria and completed STEP 1 above, you will receive notification when the application is available to you. The application must be submitted by July 31.

The preliminary online application will require applicants to complete/provide the following:

  • Online application form
  • Personal statement
  • Copy of active RN license
  • Names and contact information for a minimum of three (3) recommenders. We will email the recommenders a unique link that will allow them to submit an online recommendation as part of your application.

STEP 3: Attend an In-Person Interview Day at KPSA (Upon Invitation from KPSA/CSUF)

Selected applicants will be invited to complete an in-person interview with the KPSA Admissions Committee, which includes representatives from KPSA and the CSUF School of Nursing. Interviews will be held in October/November and all details will be provided upon invitation.

STEP 4: Submit Online Application to CSUF (Upon Invitation from KPSA/CSUF)

Applicants offered admission to the program will be required to submit a university application to CSUF. Please do not complete the university application unless invited to do so.

CSUF University Application and Application Fee:

  • Submit the online CSU application for the current admission term. How to access the application, dates the application will be available, and the due date will be provided to you upon invitation.
  • Submit the university application fee online at the time you submit the online CSU application.
  • Submit one (1) set of official (sealed) transcripts from all colleges/universities attended to CSUF Admissions. Electronic transcripts are preferred.